Old-fashioned names…for bicycles!


I spotted this amusing list of 35 Amazingly English Things To Do Before You Die a few days ago.

Six of the 35 things are tea-related, which didn’t surprise me. But one item on the list did surprise me:

9. Give a bicycle an old-fashioned name (eg. “Bertie”, “Gladys”, “Percy” or “Randolph”).

I had no idea that giving a bike an old-fashioned name was a particularly English thing to do.

If you’re from England and you have a bike with an old-fashioned name, please comment and tell us more about this tradition. (Also please tell us your bike’s name!)

For the rest of us: if you were in England, and you had a bike, what would your bike’s old-fashioned name be?

For me…I think it depends upon the color. Kinda partial to Mazie, though.

P.S. Here’s some bike name inspiration.

Image by Greg Boll from Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Old-fashioned names…for bicycles!

  1. I’ve met a bike called Gladys! Also an Ethel and a Susie. They were very vintage bikes: sit-up-and-beg, wicker basket, leather seat and dringy bell. My bike is newer and more stolid, and called Mike.

  2. Huh, the main character in the Flavia de Luce novels has a bike named Gladys. Never realized that it was a particularly English thing to do and just thought it something a particularly eccentric person would do…

    I guess this is one of those little nuances that don’t cross the pond without explanation.

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