Kaylee, Kailey, Kaleigh… which spelling is best?

which spelling is best? kaylee...

Kaylee is currently the 34th most popular baby girl name in the US. But other versions of the name are on the list as well. Here are ten of the most popular variants:

Of the ten, which spelling is your favorite? Cast your vote below. Or, if there’s a different spelling you prefer, leave a comment with your answer.

Update: The poll is closed now! The final tally was:

  1. Kaylee, 312 votes
  2. Kayleigh, 206
  3. Kailey, 189
  4. Kaylie, 99
  5. Kaley, 82
  6. Kayley, 72
  7. Kaleigh, 70
  8. Kayli, 35
  9. Kailee, 31
  10. Kaily, 10

21 thoughts on “Kaylee, Kailey, Kaleigh… which spelling is best?

  1. I had a good friend in high school named Kaylee, it always seemed like such a bright happy name to me :-) I know it gets a lot of flack for being modern or trendy or what have you, but I still think its a great name.

  2. I find the whole Kaylee group of names rather insubstantial. Cute, but not a name for a brilliant, independent adult. When I have to write it down, I go with Kaley

  3. Apparently anything goes, but I would vote for Kaylee as it’s the most intuitive and easiest to explain. Kay + Lee. Some of the spellings, like Kaily, look completely random.

  4. In my head there is a difference in pronounciation for those that start with Kai-. Those, to me, would be pronounced KYE-lee not KAY-lee.

  5. I think Kayleigh is a very nice look of spelling but to way long and Kaylee is way simpler

  6. In my personal opinion i think the spelling (Kayleigh) is the nicest and the way it looks it very nice and pretty and i like the way its long.

  7. @Kaleagh C – Your spelling is too rare to have ever appeared in the U.S. data. :)

    The cut-off for inclusion is 5 babies per gender, per year. So, in every year on record so far, fewer than 5 babies have been named “Kaleagh.”

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