Baby name story: George Fried

George Fried Chojnowski (with nurse) born at sea in 1929.
George Fried Chojnowski

Capt. George Fried (1877-1949) was responsible for not one but two heroic Atlantic rescues during his career at sea.

(He was also one of the few people honored with two NYC ticker-tape parades, in honor of the two rescues.)

The first rescue was of 25 of the 27 men aboard the sinking British freighter Antinoe in January of 1926. (The other two men drowned during the rescue.) Fried was the commander of the SS President Roosevelt at the time.

The second rescue was of all 32 men aboard the sinking Italian freighter Florida in January of 1929. Fried was now commanding the S.S. America.

During the second rescue, a baby boy was born aboard the America, with the help of Dr. E. Daken and Nurse McDermott (pictured).

The baby was named George Fried Chojnowski, after the captain.

Source: “Born During Rescue.” Rochester Evening Journal 28 Jan. 1929: 1.

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  1. Correction: All 25 crewmen were rescued from the British steamer SS Antinoe on January 27 & 28, 1926, including Captain Harry Tose.
    The 2 men who drowned were lifeboat crew members from the SS President Roosevelt, captained by George Fried. The first of three lifeboats launched was capsized and 2 on that boat lost their life.

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