15 Brazilian siblings named Walter

Walter and Erotides Brandao, a couple from Paraíba in the Northeast Region of Brazil, decided to name all 15 of their children — 9 daughters and 6 sons — after their father.

Here are all 15 Walter-names:

  1. Walterlucia
  2. Walterlivia
  3. Walterlenia
  4. Walterlonia
  5. Walterlacia
  6. Walterluzia
  7. Walterluana
  8. Walterangelina
  9. Waltersilviana
  10. Waltermanuel
  11. Walterluis
  12. Walteroliver
  13. Waltermarcelo
  14. Walterlicinio
  15. Walterfernando

Walter passed away a few years go, but Erotides, 88, is still alive and now has 33 grandchildren “who are also called after their grandfather, after it was decided to continue the unusual tradition.”

Source: Brazilian Mother Names All 15 of Her Children ‘Walter’

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  1. This reminds me of Jean-Bédel Bokassa, former emperor of Central Africa. All his sons (and he had a lot of them from 17 different women) have names starting with Jean-

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