Baby born to Jack Daniels, named Jim Beam

Jim Beam

Last month, a man in Louisiana named Jack Daniels (after the brand of whisky) named his newborn son Jim Beam (after the brand of bourbon).

Jack Daniels Leathers and his wife Lydia welcomed baby Jim Beam Leathers on November 14. They came up with the name way back on their first date.

Jack said that, if he and Lydia have another baby, they’ll name it either Evan Williams (after the brand of bourbon) if it’s a boy, or Sherry (after the fortified wine) if it’s a girl.

Oh, and the name of the Terrebonne Parish judge who officiated at Jack and Lydia’s wedding? Johnny Walker — just a few letters away from Johnnie Walker (the brand of Scotch).

Source: “Named to irritate grandparents, Jack Daniels names son Jim Beam.” Chicago Sun-Times 25 Dec. 2014.
Image by Joshua Michaels from Unsplash

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