Baby name battle: Alphabetical quadruplet names

Years ago I posted about a set of all-girl quadruplets born in Canada in 2007. They had alphabetical names: Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia.

More recently, I discovered a set of all-girl quadruplets born in the Philippines in 1963, on New Year’s Day. They had similar names — Adelia, Bella, Celia and Dina. (Sadly, I don’t think any of them survived.)

Which set of alphabetical quadruplet names do you prefer? Why?

Source: “Quads Arrive; That Makes 10.” Miami News 2 Jan. 1963: 5B.

4 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Alphabetical quadruplet names

  1. I like the individual names of the first set better, but I don’t think they go that well together. Adelia and Celia are too similar, and then Bella also has the same kind of sound. The second set works better as a set.

    I like alphabetical sets that don’t start with A because they are less obvious. Some friends of ours have four children named Joshua, Kezia, Luke, and Michaela.

  2. @Diane – I think that’s a good idea for people who want to be subtle about alphabetizing. Another idea is to space things out. I know a set of siblings with the initials A, G, V and Z, for example.

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