Popular baby names in Finland, 2014

Flag of Finland
Flag of Finland

According to data from Finland’s Population Register Centre, the most popular baby names in Finland in 2014 were Sofia and Elias.

Here are Finland’s top 5 girl names and top 5 boy names of 2014:

Girl Names (Finnish)Boy Names (Finnish)
1. Sofia, 380 baby girls
2. Aino
3. Aada
4. Ella
5. Emma
1. Elias, 438 baby boys
2. Leo
3. Onni
4. Eino
5. Oliver

Comparing 2014 to 2013, Ella replaced Venla in the girls’ top 5 and Eino replaced Eetu in the boys’ top 5.

Did you know that roughly 5% of the people in Finland are Swedish speakers? Here are the top 5 girl names and top 5 boy names among Swedish-speaking Finns:

Girl Names (Swedish)Boy Names (Swedish)
1. Amanda (38 baby girls)
2. Ellen
3. Emma
4. Ella
5. Edith
1. Oliver (33 baby boys)
2. Anton
3. Leo
4. Benjamin
5. Hugo

Alas, still no data on baby names among the Sami. In leiu of that, here are all the Sami Names listed at the site Nordic Names.

Sources: Sofia and Elias – Finland’s favourite baby names in 2014, Sofia och Elias var de populäraste förnamnen år 2014

Image: Adapted from Flag of Finland (public domain)

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