Which baby names can be split in two?

baby names split in two

In 1916, the London Globe mentioned twins named Jere and Miah:

There lived for many years in the village of Twerton, Bath, one named Miah. He was born a twin, and his parents thriftily divided the predestined name of Jeremiah between them, the other babe being christened Jere.

What other names could we divide into two usable mini-names like this?

Here are a few ideas to kick things off…

Abigail, Abi + Gail
Anastasia, Ana + Stasia
Calista, Cal + Ista
Drusilla, Dru + Silla
Elizabeth, Eliza + Beth
Mozelle, Mo + Zelle
Valentina, Valen + Tina
Alexander, Alex + Ander
Christopher, Chris + Topher
Denzel, Den + Zel
Donovan, Dono + Van
Joseph, Jo + Seph
Rexford, Rex + Ford
William, Wil + Liam

…what others can you think of?

Source: “Some Odd Christian Names.” Bee [Earlington, KY] 8 Dec. 1916: 8.

11 thoughts on “Which baby names can be split in two?

  1. Fun but surprisingly hard!
    Magdalena = Magda + Lena
    Leanora = Lea + Nora
    Justinian = Justin + Ian

  2. Bea + Triss (Trice or Trix)
    Mac + Kenzie
    Ox + Ford
    Joe + Siah
    Cy + Russ

    Wow, these could go forever! Interesting topic.

  3. Frederic = Fred & Eric or Fredrick = Fred & Rick
    Paulina = Paul & Ina
    Jeffrey = Jeff & Rey
    Annabel = Ann & Abel
    Katerina = Kate & Rina
    Joelle = Jo & Elle
    Samira = Sam & Ira
    Albert = Al & Bert
    Natasha = Nat & Asha
    Patrick = Pat & Rick

  4. Rihanna = Ri + Hannah
    Rebecca = Ri + Becca
    (These both use Ri because I think it’s a good name for some reason)

  5. That’s a terribly bad idea to name twins in two names. They are individuals, not a “half”. Psychology bad.

  6. Antonella, Anton + Ella
    Bradford, Brad + Ford
    Franklyn, Frank + Lyn
    Gilbert, Gil + Bert
    Jonathan, Jo + Nathan
    Lorianne, Lori + Anne
    Louella, Lou + Ella
    Luann, Lu + Ann
    Sullivan, Sulli + Van
    Winnifred, Winni + Fred

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