The baby name Perseid?

Will you be staying up to watch the Perseid meteor shower this week? They say the best times to watch will be in the early morning hours (midnight to dawn) of August 12th and 13th.

How am I tying this in to baby names? Here’s how:

Baby with middle name Perseid, born in August
Athena Perseid Bowe, born on Aug. 10, 1993, in Vermont.

Do you think any babies born (or maybe conceived) over the next few days will get the name Perseid as well?

Source: Family Search

4 thoughts on “The baby name Perseid?

  1. I LOVE the name Athena Perseid. Perseid seems a bit much as a first name, but in the middle can be just right with an appropriate first name.

  2. Someone was really digging through things to find a Perseid, eh? I guess my middle name is as close as they got. My mom just texted me this article and I’m laughing so hard. A bit weirded out some random person is talking about me, but glad some people like the name!

  3. Hi Athena!

    Not much digging required, actually. :) It’s all public record, so I just do a quick search for whatever name I’m interested in.

    Sorry to weird you (and your mom?) out. My interest is in the name itself and any real-life usage I can find. That’s it.

    So far, btw, you’re the only “Perseid” I can find. And you’ve only got it as a middle.

    But others come close. Many women have had Perseid-like first names (e.g., Perzadie, Parsadia, Praksida, Pursadina, Perceda, Persida, Parsada, Presidia) and at least one had “Perseida” as a middle. (Notably, she married “Millard Fillmore” and had “Woodrow Wilson” as a son.)

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