Popular baby names in Slovenia, 2014

Flag of Slovenia
Flag of Slovenia

According to data from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the most popular baby names in the country in 2014 were Eva and Luka.

Here are Slovenia’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2014:

Girl Names

  1. Eva, 282 baby girls
  2. Ema, 271
  3. Nika, 228
  4. Lara, 227
  5. Sara, 222
  6. Zala, 207
  7. Julija, 206
  8. Mia, 202
  9. Neža, 188
  10. Zoja, 179

Boy Names

  1. Luka, 276 baby boys
  2. Nik, 269
  3. Filip, 253
  4. Jakob, 240
  5. Mark, 208
  6. Žan, 203
  7. Anže, 197
  8. Jan, 183
  9. Jaka, 180
  10. Vid, 177

Very short names overall, aren’t they? Some explanations:

  • The girl names Zala, Neža and Zoja are related to Rosalia (Rozalija), Agnes and Zoe.
  • The boy names Anže, Jaka and Vid are related to Johannes (Janez), Jacob and Vitus/Wido.

New to the girls’ top 10 are Mia and Neža, which replaced Ana and Lana.

New to the boys’ top 10 are Anže and Vid, which replaced David and Žiga.

Big jumps within the top 50 include Sofia (was 66th, now 48th) and Mila (was 45th, now 27th).

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Image: Adapted from Flag of Slovenia (public domain)

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