The baby name “Iyla Vue”: Cute? Comical?

Ashley Scott and Steve Hart are two random celebrities I’d never heard of before a few weeks ago, when they welcomed a baby girl and named her Iyla Vue, pronounced “I love you.”

Ashley wasn’t so sure about Steve’s pun name suggestion at first — she couldn’t decide whether it was “either the greatest name ever, or the absolute worst.”

She settled on “greatest name ever,” I suppose, but would you have come to the same conclusion?

Follow-up question: Would you feel differently about the name if Iyla were spelled Isla?

Source: Ashley Scott Introduces Daughter Iyla Vue: ‘I Just Love’ Her Unique Name

One thought on “The baby name “Iyla Vue”: Cute? Comical?

  1. If she goes just by Iyla, then okay. But if the parents call their daughter both names all the time, then it kind of terrible.

    I knew a couple who named their son Justin Tyme, and I hope he grew up smart enough just to introduce himself as Justin.

    And, I greatly dislike the spelling Iyla. Where did the Y come from? Either Isla or Ila would be better.

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