Choose a hero for Dionysia Ravenscroft

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Remember Dionysia Savage Ravenscroft from the rare names in early Boston post?

Let’s forget for a minute that “Ravenscroft” is Dionysia’s married name.

Instead, let’s pretend she’s single. Let’s also pretend she’s the main character in a neo-medieval romance. (She’s certainly got the name for it!)

This being the case, what should be the name of her dashing hero?

I’ve picked out 20 contenders, all from the same early Boston records.

  • Archdale Palmer
  • Bagworth Endicutt
  • Broughton Gedney
  • Emmorold Wheer
  • Fairbanck Mattock
  • Fearnot Shaw
  • Fitz-John Winthrop
  • Grafton Feveryear
  • Grimstone Bowde
  • Kinsman Avis
  • Salmagrave Claxton
  • Seaborne Cotton
  • Scarborough Gridley
  • Skipper Maverick
  • Tregoweth Tilbort
  • Trueworthy Folsom
  • Vigilant Oliver
  • Wigglesworth Switser
  • Zibiah Cravath
  • Zurishaddai Browne

Which one will Dionysia Ravenscroft live happily ever after with?

For extra credit, tell us what you think Dionysia’s romance should be about. Does it involve dragons? Pirates? Feudal lords? Garden hermits? A magical dulcimer? An astronomical clock?

Image: Clipping of the Tacuinum Sanitatis

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