New Hampshire siblings named Asia, Africa, Europe, America

Moses Shattuck and Naomi Weatherbee of Brookline, New Hampshire, were married in 1802 and had a total of 6 children:

  1. Roxanna, b. 1803
  2. Asia, b. 1804
  3. Africa, b. 1807
  4. Europe, b. 1809
  5. America, b. 1810
  6. Mary, b. 1812

All the continent-named children are boys.

In fact, I believe the four continent names — Asia, Africa, Europe and America — cover the known world of 1802. At that time, Australia was considered part of Asia, America hadn’t been split into North and South yet, and Antarctica was still decades away from being discovered.

These days, continent names are considered girl names, not boy names. Asia and America see heavy yearly usage, Africa and Australia are uncommon but not unheard of, and Europe and Antarctica are nearly non-existent.

Source: Shattuck, Lemuel. Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck. Boston: Dutton and Wentworth, 1855.

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire siblings named Asia, Africa, Europe, America

  1. Roxanna and Mary on boys seem very odd.

    Continent names seem gender neutral to me, I wouldnt be dumbfounded if I met a boy named Africa or Asia.

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