Leap Day baby names: Leaping, Aleapia, Oleap

leaping toad

It’s Leap Day!

Did you know that at least three babies born on Leap Day (February 29) have gotten names to commemorate their rare birthdate?

  • Cody James Leaping Edgerly, born on February 29, 1996.
  • Aleapia Anderson, born on February 29, 1984.
  • Jerence Nansel Oleap (J. N. O.) Fernando, born on February 29, 1944. (He went on to head the Chemistry Department of The Open University of Sri Lanka before passing away in 2015.)

I discovered them via leapyearday.com, which also features a list of Leap Day baby name suggestions ranging from the conceivable (Leapana, Leapold) to the silly (Leap Erickson, Mona Leapa).

What would you name a baby born on Leap Day?

Image: Adapted from Toad jumping by N P Holmes under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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