More on Mr. Dill Pickle

Here’s a guy with one of the best aptonyms I know of: Dill Pickle (1924-2016), pickle salesman.

Here’s an article about him:

man named dill pickle

I haven’t been able to figure out what the middle initial “L” stands for, but I can tell you that “Dill” was a hand-me-down from Dill’s father, Curtis Dill Pickle (1899-1970).

Update, 6/2022: I was recently contacted by Dill Pickle’s daughter, who kindly gave me some extra information, including Dill’s middle name: Lamar. Thank you!


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  1. Aged 15, Mr. Dill Pickle is listed in the 1940 US Census with no middle name although all three of his siblings have one. The record is free to view via but only once you sign up.

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