Baby names to watch: Lyanna, Juno, Jupiter, Onyx, Solace

Lyanna Mormont of Game of Thrones
Lyanna Mormont

Here are five names that have gotten some attention recently. Do you think this attention will translate into higher-than-expected usage in 2016? (I say “higher-than-expected” because all five are already on the rise.)

  • Lyanna: The 10-year-old Game of Thrones character Lyanna Mormont was introduced to viewers in June.
  • Juno & Jupiter: NASA’s space probe Juno entered orbit around Jupiter in July. (Jupiter’s jump in usage last year coincides with the release of the movie Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones.)
  • Onyx & Solace: Alanis Morissette announced the arrival of her daughter Onyx Solace via Instagram in July.

Which of the five do you like best?

5 thoughts on “Baby names to watch: Lyanna, Juno, Jupiter, Onyx, Solace

  1. My bets are on Juno especially. Besides the satellite, there’s a young British actress named Juno Temple who seems to be in a lot of movies now.

  2. There are a lot of spelling variants of Lyanna, so I think its popularity could be disguised. People might like the name and spell it Leanna, Leana, Lianna, LeAnna, etc. Lyanna isn’t an intuitive spelling for that name. I think all the spellings will probably have some boost in popularity.

  3. @Andrea – Very good point. I agree, I don’t think people hearing the name would intuitively spell it “Lyanna.” We’ll have to keep an eye on all the variants.

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