What in the Werly?

While looking for facts on Faron, I unearthed a Werly:

Werly Fairburn in Billboard magazine, 1955
Werly Fairburn advertisement, 1955

I think the song “It’s a Cold Weary World” should have been titled “It’s a Cold Werly World” instead. I bet Werly himself would have appreciated the wordplay — after all, another song he wrote was called “Love Spelled Backwards Is Evol,” and a label he later launched was called Whirlybird.

Werly Fairburn was a rockabilly musician born in Louisiana in 1924. His birth name was Lewi Werly Fairburn, but evidently he preferred his middle name.

Speaking of preferences…if you were having a son, and you had to name him either Werly or Faron, which would it be?

Source: Werly Fairburn, Rockabilly HOF

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