Popular baby names in Norway, 2016

Flag of Norway
Flag of Norway

According to data released back in January by Statistics Norway, the most popular baby names in Norway in 2016 were Nora/Norah/Noora and William.

Here are Norway’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2016:

Girl Names

  1. Nora/Norah/Noora, 551 baby girls
  2. Emma, 410
  3. Sara/Sarah/Zara, 379
  4. Sofie/Sophie, 367
  5. Sofia/Sophia, 340
  6. Maja/Maia/Maya, 324
  7. Olivia, 323
  8. Ella, 313
  9. Ingrid/Ingerid/Ingri, 310
  10. Emilie, 309

Boy Names

  1. William, 498 baby boys
  2. Oskar/Oscar, 420
  3. Lucas/Lukas, 408
  4. Mathias/Matias, 397
  5. Filip/Fillip/Philip/Phillip, 396
  6. Oliver, 385
  7. Jakob/Jacob, 378
  8. Emil, 369
  9. Noah/Noa, 362
  10. Aksel/Axel, 359
Norway, girl names, 2016

This image is a piece of a larger infographic showing the most popular baby names in each Norwegian county. In two counties, Oppland and Aust-Agder, the top girl name last year was the intriguing Tiril. Tiril seems to have no specific meaning; it may have been derived from the (nonsense?) word tirilil from the 19th century poem “Lokkende Toner” by Johan Sebastian Welhaven.

(A similar name we talked about recently was Tirrell.)

I forgot to post Norway’s 2015 rankings, but in 2014 the top names were Nora/Norah and Lucas/Lukas.

Sources: Navn – SSB, Tiril – Nordic Names

Top image: Adapted from Flag of Norway (public domain)

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