Top lengths of U.S. baby names, 2017

Once again, the most popular length for U.S. baby names was six letters.

Here’s a the length breakdown for girl names in 2017:

girl names, lengths, 2017

And here are the most-used girl names per length:

Here’s the breakdown for boy names:

boy names, lengths, 2017

And here are the most-used boy names per length for 2017:

Finally, here are both genders on the same chart:

baby names, lengths, 2017

The results in 2016 were very similar.

3 thoughts on “Top lengths of U.S. baby names, 2017

  1. I was also wondering about Christopherjame. Assuming it is indeed the SSA lopping off the S of the James portion just for the name lists, are these babies actually named Christopherjames or are they Christopher-James?

    I do think it’s interesting that both Christopher and James are the most popular for their name length. Christopher most likely had pretty limited competition at 11 letters, but at 5 letters James had a lot of trendy names to compete with (Miles, Ethan, Henry…) .

  2. I think it’s safe to assume that “Christopherjame” represents Christopher James and/or ChristopherJames, Christopher-James, etc. The SSA would count all these renderings the same way, including the lopping off that final “s” due to the 15-letter cut-off.

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