Baby name battle: Petrichor vs. Tesseract

Time for a baby name battle!

First off, yes: Petrichor and Tesseract have both been used as baby names in real life! I found a baby girl named Petrichor in the 2016 Alberta data, and a baby girl named Tesseract in 2017 Quebec data.

Both names are unusual, both names are geeky, and both names can be shortened (e.g., Petra, Tessa) to make them easier to use day-to-day.

So…if you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Petrichor or Tesseract, which would it be? Why?

5 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Petrichor vs. Tesseract

  1. Petrichor, hands down, so when she asks for money I can say “No, unlike you, I am a stone you can’t squeeze blood from!

    That’ll be hilarious right up until the moment she snaps and kills me.

  2. Tesseract easily shortens to Tessie. I would shorten Petrichor to Peter or Pete.
    I guess what I’m saying is that I’d choose Petrichor for a boy and Tesseract for a girl.

  3. If those were the only options I’d go for Tesseract since it could easily be shortened to Tess, Tessa, etc. which I like better than Petra.

  4. Petrichor because the definition is more obviously pleasant. I have trouble wrapping my mind around what a tesseract is. For a female, either nickname Petra or Tess would work, so that’s why I decided based upon the actual meanings of the words.

  5. I love Petrichor which is why I voted for it. I came across this word a few years back and its meaning is fantastic, especially since I love the scent of the earth after rain. The fact that there’s a word for it makes it all the more fantastic.

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