Would you name your baby Harland for $11,000?

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These days, not many babies are named Harland. But we may end up seeing more Harlands than expected in 2018 now that KFC is spotlighting the name as part of a marketing campaign.

KFC wants to give $11,000 to a U.S. baby born this September 9 who has the first name Harland. If more than one eligible baby is entered into the contest via the Name Your Baby Harland contest page, then the baby born earliest in the day will be declared the winner.

So why that name, that date, and that amount? Col. Harland Sanders was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, September 9th was his birthday, and $11,000 represents the “11 herbs and spices” in KFC’s original fried chicken recipe.

Do you think anyone will enter?

Update, Nov. 3, 2018: We have a winner! Baby girl Harland “Harley” Rose was born on Sept. 9 to parents Anna Pilson and Decker Platt of of Southern Pines, North Carolina. (Source: Lexington Herald-Leader)

KFC’s Twitter announcement (Oct. 30, 2018) was written in the voice of the Colonel: “I’m as pleased as pumpkin punch to announce the winner of our Baby Harland Naming Contest and the Harland who will be ushering in an all-new generation of Harlands, little Harland Rose.”

P.S. Here’s my running list of for-profit baby names.

Source: KFC will give $11,000 to first baby born on Sept. 9 who’s named Harland

Top image: Adapted from KFC signs – Old and New by Brent Moore under CC BY 2.0.

4 thoughts on “Would you name your baby Harland for $11,000?

  1. Harley is a moderately trendy name right now, so why not? If I had a baby before noon on the ninth I’d at least give it a go. You can always call the kid by their middle name if Harland/Harley isn’t your taste.

  2. I already like the name Harlan, so Harland is not much of a stretch. Adding a “d” at the end for $11,000? Yep, I do believe I’d go for it — if nothing else that’s a nice start to a college fund.

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