Which set of triplet names do you like most?

In late 2016, Dr. Michael Paul of St. Louis delivered three sets of triplets within six weeks of each other.

“Having three over a six week period of time pushes the limits of what we expect,” Paul told ABC News. “We usually have about one set every three months and have four or five sets in a year.”

The Kennedy triplets (Reed, Knox and Finn) were born on November 11, the McCloy triplets (Lucas, Emalyn and Colton) were born on November 26, and the Wright triplets (Finn, Beckett and Oliver) were born on December 16.

Which of these sets of names do you like the most? Why?

Source: Doctor delivers ‘baseball team’ with 3 sets of triplets in 6 weeks

2 thoughts on “Which set of triplet names do you like most?

  1. In one of my fantasy stories, the mother actually has quintuplets because 1 egg split into three. So 5 babies! (No fertility drugs were used, she’s just really fertile LOL) I named, well the family named, LOL the boys Aerondir, Beondir, and Conrandir. The names just came to me. I had never seen them or really thought about it. I was writing the story and suddenly the mother says I’m having three on top of the two, which really surprised me. She had already had quads. When they found out the three were identical boys they came up with these names. For nicknames Aee, Bee, Cee, because their uncle’s nicknames are Fee and Kee. BTW the boys are all red heads-poor mom.

  2. They are all great names. I’m just surprised that Finn came up twice in such a small sampling of kiddos!

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