Swedish baby named Q

I’ve posted about several Swedish names (Estelle, Engla) recently, so let’s throw in one more.

About a decade ago in central Sweden, the parents of a baby boy named “Q Anbjörn Jackrapat Rehnberg” had to go to three different courts to make the first name “Q” legal.

The first court (the county administrative court) ruled against the name.

The parents appealed, but the next court (the administrative court of appeal) also ruled against the name.

The parents appealed again, and, finally, the third court (the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court) ruled in favor of the name, stating that “it has not been proven that the name Q may cause offence [sic], or that it may lead to discomfort for the bearer of the name […] there is also no reason why Q is obviously inappropriate as a first name.”

What are your thoughts on the first name Q?

How do you feel about single-letter first names in general?

Sources: Swedish couple denied right to name their son Q, Swedish parents emerge victorious in bid to name son ‘Q’

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