Five-name Friday: Boy name for Tony’s brother

It’s Five-Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request:

Our son is Anthony, always called Tony. For our second son, we’d like a boy name that goes with Anthony and also has a really good nickname option (or two).

Can you come up with five solid baby name suggestions for this person?

Here are the rules:

  • Choose your five names before looking at anyone else’s five names.
  • Stick to legit recommendations that you would offer a real-life friend.
  • Five name suggestions overall is the max, but for this one, feel free to include nickname ideas if you want.

Which five names are you going to suggest?

15 thoughts on “Five-name Friday: Boy name for Tony’s brother

  1. Nicholas – Nick
    Michael – Mike/Mickey
    Vincent – Vin(ny)/Vince
    Zachary -Zach
    Charles – Charley/Chaz

  2. Elliot (Eli, Leo)
    Garrett – (Gary, Rett)
    Harrison – (Hart, Harry, Henry, Hank)
    Jonathan – (Jon, Johnny, Jonah, Nathan, Nate)
    William – (Wim, Will, Bill, Billy, Liam)

  3. Maxwell (Max)
    Beckett (Beck, Bex)
    Benjamin (Ben, Benji, Jami)
    Frederick (Fred, Freddie, Red, Rick, Ricky)
    Theodore (Theo, Ted, Teddy)

  4. Alexander (Alex/Xan/Xander)
    Michael (Mike)
    Nicholas (Nick/Cole)
    Joseph (Joe/Joey)
    Dominic (Nic/Nicky/Dom)

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