How did “Lucifer” influence baby names?

The character Mazikeen Smith from the TV series "Lucifer" (2016-).
Mazikeen Smith from “Lucifer

Several Neil Gaiman characters (e.g., Coraline, Yvaine) have influenced baby names in the past, so here are several more that are influencing baby names right now.

These names come courtesy of the TV show Lucifer (2016-), which was loosely based on Gaiman’s comic book series The Sandman (1989-1996).

  • Lucifer: The premise of the show is that the main character, Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis), bored with Hell, has decided to move to Los Angeles and open a night club called “Lux.” (The Latin word lux, meaning “light,” comes directly from Lucifer’s name, meaning “light-bearing.”) In 2017, the baby name Lucifer saw a definitive rise in usage — a fact that would no doubt alarm a large number of Americans.
  • Mazikeen (Maze): Lucifer’s right-hand man is a lady: Mazikeen “Maze” Smith (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt). She’s a demon who followed Lucifer to Earth as his sworn protector. At the start of the series, she worked as a bartender at Lux. The baby name Mazikeen debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2016, and Maze debuted for girls specifically the next year.
  • Amenadiel: Lucifer’s eldest brother is Amenadiel (played by D. B. Woodside). He’s an archangel (still in God’s good graces) who has a contentious relationship with Lucifer, who he encourages to return to Hell. The baby name Amenadiel debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2017.

How many U.S. babies have been getting these names lately? Here are the numbers…

201826 boys42 girls11 boys &
13 girls
8 boys
201724 boys27 girls15 boys &
9 girls*
9 boys*
201613 boys8 girls*11 boys.
20157 boys.14 boys.
201411 boys.10 boys.

Though Mazikeen and Amenadiel both sound biblical, neither one is found in the Bible. Mazikeen is based on the Hebrew word mazzikim, meaning “harmful spirits.” Amenadiel’s explanation has eluded me so far, but, like many Hebrew names, it ends with -el, which refers to “God.”

What are your thoughts on these two new names? How about on the rising usage of Lucifer?

Sources: List of Lucifer characters – Wikipedia, Jewish Concepts: Demons & Demonology

P.S. Also on TV right now is American Gods (2017-), based on the Neil Gaiman book of the same name. I thought the show might give the name Shadow a big boost, but so far this isn’t the case.

Update, 2020: Looks like one of debut names of 2019, Axara, can be traced back to a uniquely named single-episode Lucifer character who appeared on the show in March of 2018.

Update, May 2021: Another Lucifer debut! This time it’s Remiel, which was already in the boys’ data before popping up as a girl name last year. In the show, Remiel is Lucifer’s kid sister.

9 thoughts on “How did “Lucifer” influence baby names?

  1. I have found some references tracing Amenadiel back to the work of Johannes Trithemius famous for a book on steganography (hiding messages in an innocent looking context). Allegedly (I was not able to consult an original or an authorative modern edition) he has prepared a long list of angels, including Amenadiel.

  2. Very interesting — thank you!

    Trithemius is cited as a source in the Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures by Theresa Bane. Here’s what that book had to say about Amenadiel:

    In Theurgia Goetia, the second book of the Lemegeton, Amenadiel (“treaty”) is ranked as the King of the West. […] Considered to be both a diurnal and nocturnal demon, Amenadiel is known for announcing secrets.

    It looks like the author is defining the name as “treaty” here — I’m very curious to know where that definition came from.

  3. Amen – affirmation (Hebrew)
    Adi – jewel (Hebrew) or First (Sanskrit)
    El – of God (Hebrew)

    Amenadiel – God’s affirmed jewel or Affirmed first of God

    He is the first angel and once favorited by God in the series and comic universe.

  4. Why would Anyone Glorify Lucifer. He was created by God. Before his fall Lucifer , according to The Bible, Was beautiful. But his beauty turned to PRIDE. Lucifer wanted to be God.. A big FAILURE is what Lucifer is. Jesus says “ I saw him fall like lightening from heaven down to earth.”
    God tossed him quite hard from heaven! Lucifer is not even on the same level as God. Many say he is But according to The Bible he is NOT. Pick the biggest loser and that would be Lucifer.. Don’t name anyone after him… anyone you love. Hell is a real place. Not a joke. Jesus called Lucifer “ The Father of Lies”. Deception ;is Lucifers favorite mode of operation. Don’t be Fooled! Read The Bible for yourself… God tells us exactly who Lucifer is..

  5. @sarah: You will be surprised to learn that Lucifer (“light-bringer”) was a popular name among early Christians and that there are even two bishops (in Sienna and Cagliari), the latter being a saint, named Lucifer.

    Lucifer does not occur as a name for the devil in the bible. In fact, Lucifer does not occur in the source text of the bible at all. The name occurs once in the King James Version as a translation of the Hebrew word Helel “bright, shining” referring to a mythological person like Ikarus (flying too high and falling to the ground).

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