Five-name Friday: Girl name like Amelia, Emilia

It’s Five-Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request:

My husband and I love both Amelia and Emilia, but they sound alike and we don’t want our daughter to have to spell her name out for people all the time. We’re looking for names with the feel or style of Amelia and Emilia.

Can you come up with five solid baby name suggestions for this person?

Here are the rules:

  • Be independent. Choose your five names before looking at anyone else’s five names.
  • Be sincere. Stick to legit recommendations you would offer a real-life friend.
  • Five names total in your comment. If you go over, I will have to delete the extras.

Which five baby names are you going to suggest?

20 thoughts on “Five-name Friday: Girl name like Amelia, Emilia

  1. Cecilia – it even rhymes with Amelia/Emilia!
    Helena – though I’m not sure if multiple pronunciations is just as frustrating as multiple spellings?
    Lucinda – why isn’t this one more popular? Not even in the US Top 1000!
    Cordelia – maybe a little more fanciful than Amelia/Emilia, but it’s close in sound

  2. Amanda

    (As someone who has had their name spelled/pronounced wrong my whole life, it’s really not a big deal, I make sure it’s spelled correctly on official records, beyond that I don’t really care. So if you truly love Amelia/Emilia just go for it, when it gets mangled fix it when it counts and don’t sweat it when it doesn’t.)

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