Where did the baby name Jeffren come from in 2010?

Soccer player Jeffrén Suárez
Jeffrén, after scoring in the 5-0 Clásico

In 2010, the name Jeffren not only debuted in the U.S. baby name data, but also saw peak usage:

  • 2012: 9 baby boys named Jeffren
  • 2011: 25 baby boys named Jeffren
  • 2010: 28 baby boys named Jeffren [debut/peak]
  • 2009: unlisted
  • 2008: unlisted

Where did it come from?

The influence was professional soccer player Jeffrén (pronounced yef-ren) Suárez, who was born in Venezuela and raised on Tenerife (part of the Canary Islands).

He had been playing for FC Barcelona for several years when, in November of 2010, he put himself in the spotlight by scoring the fifth goal of a 5-0 blowout of over Barcelona’s fierce rival, FC Real Madrid, during the very last minute of the game.

If the game had happened earlier in 2010, I imagine that the name would have debuted even higher in the U.S. data.

What are your thoughts on the name Jeffren?

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P.S. Xavi and Iker also played in the 5-0 game.

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