Where did the baby name Jentree come from in 2018?

Oklahoma toddler Jentree Joles
Jentree Joles

The names Jentree and Gentree both debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2018:

Girls named JentreeGirls named Gentree

Where did they come from?

A viral video!

The original spelling of the name, Gentry, has seen regular usage (as a girl name) since the 1970s and has given rise to a handful of variants (such as Gentrie, Gentri, Jentry, Jentri, and Jentrie).

But the spellings Jentree and Gentree didn’t pop up until a video featuring 2-year-old Jentree Joles of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, began trending.

A one-minute clip of Jentree Joles getting emotional while watching the movie The Good Dinosaur (2015) — specifically, the part where a young dinosaur became separated from his family — was posted to social media by her aunt in September of 2017.

The video racked up nearly a million views overnight. By the time Jentree and her family were featured on the local news several weeks later (Oct. 6), the video had been viewed 75 million times across several different platforms.

Gentry — both the surname and the vocabulary word — mean the same thing: “nobility of birth or character.” The word can be traced back (via Anglo-Norman French genterie and Old French gentil) to the ancient Roman word gens, which referred to one’s clan or tribe.

The baby name Gentry is particularly popular in a handful of central-ish U.S. states: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Utah. It’s strongly associated with country music via duo Montgomery Gentry and singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry (whose fame in the late ’60s inspired parents to use “Gentry” as a girl name more often).

What are your thoughts on the baby name Gentry? What spelling do you prefer?

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Image: Screenshots from Jentree Joles video

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