Three-letter “-ia” girl names: Gia, Nia, Sia

3-letter girl names ending with "ia"

After posting about the name Zia a few weeks ago, I thought it would be cool to look for other baby names with the same construction (consonant + –ia) in the SSA’s dataset.

Turns out, nearly all permutations have appeared in the data at some point. Here’s the full list, ordered by 2018 popularity levels:

  • Mia (currently the 7th most popular name for baby girls)
  • Lia (246th)
  • Gia (386th)
  • Nia (474th)
  • Sia (1,344th)
  • Tia (1,423rd)
  • Zia (1,549th)
  • Jia (1,948th)
  • Pia (2,048th)
  • Ria (2,193rd)
  • Dia (3,848th)
  • Via (4,104th)
  • Xia (5,262nd)
  • Fia (5,819th)
  • Kia (7,207th)
  • Bia (13,983rd)
  • Cia (currently unlisted)
  • Yia (currently unlisted)

The only consonants I couldn’t find with an –ia ending were H, Q and W. (But I did happen to notice one –ia named that started with a vowel: Aia.)

Which of the above –ia names do you like best? Why?

6 thoughts on “Three-letter “-ia” girl names: Gia, Nia, Sia

  1. I love Aia the most, actually. it has a nice flow to it and seems like it would never go out of style. Middle names would be easy as well. A long or short one would sound smooth and flow.
    The name Kia reminds me of our Kia Sorento van LOL

  2. I always thought it was a fun twist of fate that actress/writer Nia Vardalos married actor Ian Gomez.

  3. @Christa – Kia’s connection to the car brand seems to be the very thing that brought down the usage of the name starting in the mid-1990s.

  4. @Nancy

    I’m sure there are plenty more, but without getting creative with spelling, the only other pairs of names that came to mind were:

    Axel & Alex
    Dean & Edna
    Leon & Noel
    Liam & Mila

    Now we just need people with those names to cooperate…

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