Baby name story: Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Last weekend, a baby boy was born in Uttar Pradesh, India, and was named Sanitizer by his parents Omvir and Monika Singh.

Here’s how Omvir explained why he chose the name Sanitizer:

Whenever people will talk of Corona, they will remember that it was Sanitizer that saved them.

What are your thoughts on this one?

P.S. Some reports are spelling the name “Sanitiser.” I’m not sure which spelling, if either, is official.

P.P.S. Here are all the previous Covid-inspired baby names we’ve talked about: Covid, Covid, Coviduvidapdap, twins Corona and Covid, Corona, Lockdown, and Covid.

Source: New born baby named ‘Sanitizer’ in UP’s Saharanpur

Image: Adapted from Sanitary appliances 03 by Anasskoko by CC BY-SA 4.0.

5 thoughts on “Baby name story: Sanitizer

  1. Shorten it to Sanit and it sounds more Indian.
    I think it is really odd to name babies like this, and I wonder what they will go through with peers growing up.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Naming your progeny should (nowadays) be a government regulated affair. Someone should be payed to witness the parents’ naming and if need be (almost all are common sense ridiculousness) slap the parents and have their child put in a decent home.

  3. Ryan, I’m all for unusual, one of a kind names…but think if the parents who gave their kid the odd name had had parents named them that and and had to grow up with it! I believe a lot more parents may think at least twice, before saddling a kid with something odd.
    It may be that in Indian culture the child would be quite popular, here in the western world it is a tight rope to walk between unique and OMG that poor kid! In Iceland there are set names to pick from (I believe it is Iceland, Nancy can set me straight on it) for your children so this never happens.
    I named my son Jayden. At the time it was extremely unique (I got it from star trek) but now it is more common.
    I also think how folks spell a kids name needs to be careful. Changing your name for example to Riahaan but said the same way. I think that may have driven you a bit bonkers.
    I have begun to see my name a lot more often (and I don’t like it- lol)
    Any thoughts?

  4. Yes, Iceland and several other countries (Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, etc.) regulate baby names by maintaining either a list of approved names or a list of banned names.

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