What gave the baby name Desree a boost in 1995?

The Des'ree single "You Gotta Be" (1994)
Des’ree single

The rare name Desree saw its highest usage in 1995:

  • 1997: 16 baby girls named Desree
  • 1996: 22 baby girls named Desree
  • 1995: 54 baby girls named Desree
  • 1994: 8 baby girls named Desree
  • 1993: 5 baby girls named Desree


Because of mononymous English singer/songwriter Des’ree (pronounced dez-ray), whose stage name is a shortened form of her legal first name, Desirée.

Her most successful single, the uplifting “You Gotta Be” (1994), spent a total of 44 weeks on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, peaking at #5 in March of 1995.

The song’s music video aired frequently on VH1 during the mid-1990s. It was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live in January of 1995.

Des’ree also contributed the memorable ballad called “Kissing You” to the soundtrack of the 1996 movie William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (which kicked off the baby name Quindon, incidentally).

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