Boy name debuts in the United States, 2021

Which boy names emerged in the U.S. baby name data in 2021 for the first time ever?

Exactly 500 boy names debuted in the data last year, and the most impressive debut was made by Azaire. Here are the other top debuts:

  1. Azaire, 25 baby boys
  2. Gediz, 21
  3. Jeyvier, 15
  4. Damiri, 14
  5. Ripton, 14
  6. Zakius, 13
  7. Kampbell, 12
  8. Biden, 11
  9. Khaizer, 11
  10. Nuta, 11
  11. Shrithik, 11

The name Biden was no doubt inspired by Joe Biden, who was elected president in late 2020.

Some more debuts:

10 baby boysAmaias, Azekial, Howl, Maclen, Oceano, Oleander
9 baby boysAathiran, Atlus, Avyaanreddy, Cymere, Dhamir, Eleo, Ice, Kapree, Kenshi, Kyza, Riftyn, Three, Yankiel
8 baby boysAadrik, Ador, Amirii, Anansi, Aurum, Ayaat, Bucklee, Emerett, Gervonta, Henlee, Hiyaan, Hyndrix, Inzo, Jerzi, Jetzyn, Jhayco, Karlisle, Kyngdom, Ledgend, Maaran, Ovi, Ovin, Rhiatt, Rodas, Sicarii, Svar, Wilden, Yahnis, Yasuke, Yzael, Zeldris

Finally, here’s a sampling of the rest of the debuts:

  • 7 baby boys: Arcturus, Arminius, Brixson, Darlington, Finnin, Habibullah, Jahvani, Kovie, Lobo, Mellow, Neptune, Osaro, Riften, Ropyr, Teghbir, Zagreus
  • 6 baby boys: Anwyll, Cardinal, Debonair, Evansh, Five, Gilber, Huxtin, Jovial, Kalki, Khrome, Koufax, Lightning, Lugh, Minhaj, Niqo, Pure, Rhema, Rizvan, Saturn, Torbjorn, Varenya, Whiskey, Ymir, Zeelan
  • 5 baby boys: Amnon, Benelli, Caique, Costner, Dhev, Endymion, Grit, Haaland, Henzo, Hotchner, Iyah, Jheico, Kazarion, Keeper, Laiku, Maestro, Nyne, Ohtli, Preacher, Quban, Regulus, Sango, Sansar, Science, Tancredi, Wickham, Woodensley, Yester, Yoshiyahu

Zagreus is the main character of the recently released video game Hades.

Haaland goes hand-in-hand with the fast-rising boy name Erling, as they both refer to Norwegian soccer player Erling Haaland (which alex has already noted — thank you!).

I think it’s particularly interesting that several number-names — Three (9), Five (6), and Nyne (5) — popped up last year. I have no idea why, though.

If you can explain any of the above debuts, please leave a comment!

10 thoughts on “Boy name debuts in the United States, 2021

  1. Loads of intriguing names here!
    Perhaps ANwyl could be related to the Welsh word annwyl meaning “dear”. At least that’s what it makes me think of immediately.

  2. Neptune and Saturn debuted too, pretty interesting. I guess they join Jupiter and Mars in the rankings?

  3. – Gediz is a character on the Turkish TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter, which was broadcast in the US in Spanish on Univision.
    – Jeyvier Cintrón is a Puerto Rican boxer.
    – Zakius is a popular Tiktoker and YouTuber.
    – Maclen is also a popular Tiktoker who creates content about the law.
    – Athiran is a Malayalam movie released in 2019. The spelling Athiran was a bit more popular in 2020 than in 2021, so not sure if this is the reason that Aathiran debuted in 2021.
    – Kenshi might be related to a video game released in December 2018.
    – This is a stretch, but Cymere might be related to Symere, the birth name of rapper Lil Uzi Vert. In June 2021, he had a popular tweet referring to his birth certificate (he realized he was a year younger than he’d believed), so people might have Googled his full name? Symere was slightly more popular in 2021 than 2020.
    – Yankiel Rivera is a Puerto Rican boxer who participated in the 2020 Summer Olympics.
    – Gervonta Davis ia an American boxer who’s won several titles in the last few years.
    – I’m a bit puzzled by Hiyaan debuting as a boys’ name, although it might be based on sound/similarity to popular names like Ayaan. Hiyaan is the name of the daughter of the two leads on the Bengali TV show Ekhane Aakash Neel.
    – Inzo is an EDM musician.

  4. I’m guessing Koufax is inspired by Sandy Koufax, but not sure about the timing. Maybe some Dodgers fans could explain that.

    Ovi is the nickname for Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. I’m not a hockey fan but I do know that he holds a bunch of NHL records.

  5. – Jhayco is the nickname/Instagram handle of singer and rapper Jhay Cortez. I assume Jheico is a phonetic respelling.
    – Karlisle might be inspired by Silas Karlisle, a character on the anime show Beyblade Burst Evolution.
    – I’m a bit confused about why Maaran debuted in 2021. It looks like the name of a Tamil movie (and the lead character) released in early 2022.
    – Yasuke is a TV show about a samurai of African descent that premiered on Netflix in 2021.
    – Zeldris is a character from the manga/anime series The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai). He is the younger brother of Meliodas, which debuted on the SSA list in 2017.
    – Riften might be inspired by a city in the video game Skyrim, though I’m puzzled by Riftyn debuting with more babies. There was a special anniversary edition of Skyrim released in November, 2021, which isn’t necessarily a compelling reason for it to debut.
    – Ropyr is the first name of country singer Koe Wetzel.
    – Kalki might be inspired by an Indian scifi book series called The Last Avatar: Age of Kalki. It’s a name for an avatar of Vishnu.
    – Minhaj might be related to actor and comedian Hasan Minhaj.
    – Niqo comes from rapper Lil Niqo.
    – Rhema seems to be a Greek word translated to English as ‘word’ that’s commonly used in charismatic Christian churches to describe the utterance of God.
    – Ymir is the name of a (female) ancestral character in the anime Attack on Titan.
    – Zeelan might be an alternative spelling of Zealand, which saw a surge in use in 2021.
    – Benelli is a gun company. The name debuted for girls in 2010.
    – Caique is a type of parrot from Brazil. I believe the name has been common in Brazil for years.
    – Dhev might be inspired by the Indian actor Kalyaan Dhev.
    – Henzo is a character in the anime One Piece.
    – Hotchner is a character on the TV show Criminal Minds.
    – Kazarion is a character in animated series Angels of Death, inspired by the tabletop game Warhammer.
    – Ohtli is an Nahuatl word that means ‘road.’
    – Quban might be related to a battle rapper from Maryland.
    – Sango is a character from the anime Inuyasha.

  6. Guess I found the trigger for Nuta, Neptune and Saturn: An electronic musician named Nuta Cookier. the titles of his tracks are space inspired.

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