Where did the baby name Quayshaun come from in 1991?

Quayshaun's single "Party Slammin'" (1991).
Quayshaun single

The name Quayshaun debuted very impressively in the U.S. baby name data in 1991:

  • 1993: 11 baby boys named Quayshaun
  • 1992: 19 baby boys named Quayshaun
  • 1991: 93 baby boys named Quayshaun [debut]
  • 1990: unlisted
  • 1989: unlisted

Not only was it the top debut name of the year, but it currently ranks 12th (between Jkwon and Taurean) on the list of the top boy-name debuts of all time.

Graph of the usage of the baby name Quayshaun in the U.S. since 1880
Usage of the baby name Quayshaun

Other versions of the name also saw higher usage around that time:


(The spelling Quayshawn had such a strong debut that it was also one of the top debuts of all time — ranked 35th.)

So…what was influencing these names?

Hip hop artist William “Quayshaun” Carter, who put out several singles in the early ’90s. None were more successful than the minor hit “Party Slammin'” (1991), which never reached the Billboard Hot 100, but did get reviewed in the magazine itself:

Bass-heavy jam showcases Quayshaun’s rapid-fire rhyme style as well as a hip-hop groove that would make Teddy Riley proud. Could happen at urban radio with the right push.

(Music producer Teddy Riley invented the “new jack swing” sound.)

Here’s the song:

What are your thoughts on the name Quayshaun? (How would you spell it?)


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