Where did the baby name Journey come from in the 1980s?

The Journey album "Escape" (1981)
Journey album

Back in 1981, Journey popped up for the first time in the U.S. baby name data:

Girls named JourneyBoys named Journey

What gave the noun-name a boost that year?

My guess is the influence of the rock band Journey, which was fronted by vocalist Steve Perry during that era.

The group had been putting out music since 1973, but 1981 is the year Journey released its most successful album, Escape — the one with the hit singles “Who’s Crying Now,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and “Open Arms.”

And the album was promoted, of course, by an equally successful tour:

Full-page advertisement for Journey tour in the Los Angeles Times (Oct. 4, 1981)
Full-page newspaper ad, 1981

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the name returned to the data in 1983, the year the band released its second most successful album, Frontiers — the one with the hit singles “Separate Ways”, “Faithfully”, and “Send Her My Love.”

What are your thoughts on Journey as a given name? Would you use it?

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2 thoughts on “Where did the baby name Journey come from in the 1980s?

  1. I like the band fine, but I dislike Journey as a name. Someone from my high school alumnae group has daughters named Journi and Jovi. I don’t care for that.

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