Popular baby names in Houston (Texas), 2021

Flag of Texas
Flag of Texas

Last year, Houston — the most populous city in Texas — welcomed over 60,600 babies.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Charlotte and Liam.

Here are Houston’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2021:

Girl Names

  1. Charlotte, 354 baby girls
  2. Ava, 319
  3. Camila, 299
  4. Sophia, 255
  5. Sofia, 251
  6. Isabella, 245
  7. Emma, 181 (tie)
  8. Olivia, 181 (tie)
  9. Amelia, 147
  10. Evelyn, 139

Boy Names

  1. Liam, 491 baby boys
  2. Noah, 349
  3. Mateo, 239
  4. Sebastian, 237
  5. Ethan, 225
  6. Elijah, 223
  7. Daniel, 218
  8. Dylan, 214
  9. Oliver, 212
  10. Santiago, 207

In response to the Houston Health Department’s announcement of the city’s top baby names last April, one Twitter-user noted:

If the name “Framber” does not make the 2023 list of Houston’s most popular baby names, the #Astros fan base has failed.

And that was months before left-handed pitcher Framber (pronounced FRAHM-ber) Valdez from the Dominican Republic helped the Houston Astros win the 2022 World Series. So we’ll have to be on the lookout for Texas babies named Framber in the 2022 data…

I didn’t blog about Houston’s 2020 rankings, but I did post the 2019 rankings, which were topped by Emma and Liam.

Sources: Liam and Charlotte top baby names of 2021, according to Houston Health Department, SSA

Image: Adapted from Flag of Texas (public domain)

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