Popular baby names in Greenland, 2021

Flag of Greenland
Flag of Greenland

Greenland, which is part of the kingdom of Denmark, is both the largest island in the world and the least densely populated country in the world.

Last year, Greenland welcomed 761 babies. The top names among these babies were…

  • Lea and Luna for baby girls
    • Lea is a form of the Biblical name Leah, which is likely derived from a Hebrew word meaning “wild cow.”
    • Luna is Latin for “moon.”
  • Aputsiaq and Marco for baby boys
    • Aputsiaq is Greenlandic for “snow flake.”
    • Marco is a form of the ancient Roman name Marcus, which is likely derived from the name of the Roman god Mars.

Two years earlier, in 2019, the top names in Greenland were Naja/Nina (tie) and Liam/Inuk (tie).

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Image: Adapted from Flag of Greenland (public domain)

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  1. You’re right, it can.

    The Old English word leah — which commonly appears as an element in personal names derived from English place names (e.g., Shirley, Westley) — refers to a clearing or a meadow.

    Though I think most parents choose “Leah” with the Hebrew derivation in mind, I’m sure at least a handful are thinking of the Old English derivation.

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