Where did the baby name Crissangel come from in 2007?

Title of the TV series "Criss Angel Mindfreak" (2005-2010)
“Criss Angel Mindfreak”

The name Crissangel appeared for the first and only time in the U.S. baby name data in 2007:

  • 2009: unlisted
  • 2008: unlisted
  • 2007: 5 baby boys named Crissangel [debut]
  • 2006: unlisted
  • 2005: unlisted

The similar names Chrisangel and Crisangel also popped up in the early 2000s.

Where did these names come from?

Magician and illusionist Criss Angel, whose reality series Criss Angel Mindfreak aired on A&E from 2005 to 2010. The show, focused on street magic and stunts, had episodes with titles like “Shark Cage Escape,” “Mass Levitation,” “SUV Nail Bed,” and “Burning Man.”

Criss Angel was born in New York in 1967 as Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos. (He’s of Greek descent.) These days he primarily performs live shows in Las Vegas.

He also has three children with his wife, Shaunyl. Their names are:

  • Johnny Crisstopher, b. 2014
  • Xristos Yanni, b. 2019
  • Illusia Angelina, b. 2021

His sons’ names echo one another in that “Johnny” and “Yanni” are diminutives of John and Yiannis (a Greek equivalent of John), and “Crisstopher” and “Xristos” are both based on the ancient Greek word khristos (“anointed one”).

His daughter’s first name, Illusia, is clearly a reference to dad’s line of work.

What are your thoughts on the baby name Crissangel?

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2 thoughts on “Where did the baby name Crissangel come from in 2007?

  1. Definitely don’t like Crissangel as a name. Illusia is pretty awful, too. I guess she could go by Lucy, though.

  2. I agree with Sharky about Crissangel. Not sure what it is about that I don’t like, but it’s a hard no for me.

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