Baby name story: Ana

Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

In mid-February, amid violent protests in the Indian city of Itanagar (the capital of Arunachal Pradesh), a pregnant woman in the town of Nirjuli (part of the Itanagar capital region) went into labor.

The hospital was only about five miles away, but the family was unable to make the drive due to protesters’ road blockades. So they called the police for assistance.

Officer Rohit Dada, similarly unable to reach the hospital, decided instead to transport the family to the Nirjuli police station, where “[female] police personnel and the wife of a policeman helped the woman deliver [a] baby girl.”

The baby’s name?

Ana, derived from the last three letters of the word thana, Hindi for “police station.”

Source: “Ana: The child born in a police station.” Arunachal Times 20 Feb. 2023.
Image: Adapted from Itanagar, India by pankhirajcomputer under CC BY 3.0.

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