Where did the baby name Cypress come from in 1993?

The music video for the song "Insane in the Brain" (1993) by Cypress Hill.
Cypress Hill music video

The name Cypress first appeared in the U.S. baby name data as a boy name (and returned to the data as a girl name) in 1993:

  • 1995: 18 baby girls and 8 baby boys named Cypress
  • 1994: 19 baby girls and 7 baby boys named Cypress
  • 1993: 5 baby girls and 7 baby boys [debut] named Cypress
  • 1992: unlisted
  • 1991: unlisted


Because of West Coast hip hop group Cypress Hill.

Their single “Insane in the Brain” was released in June of 1993 and quickly became a crossover hit. The song topped Billboard‘s rap chart for three weeks straight in August, peaked at #19 on the Hot 100 in September, and earned a Grammy nomination (for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group) in early 1994.

Here’s the trippy music video for “Insane in the Brain”:

The band at that time was made up of Louis Freese (stage name “B-Real”), Senen Reyes (“Sen Dog”), and Lawrence Muggerud (“DJ Muggs”).

How did the band come to be named Cypress Hill? Here’s how B-Real explained it:

Before we really got on, we were called DVX or Devastating Vocal Excellence. When we got on, we had to change our name to something and Muggs was constantly bringing East Coast music over to Sen Dog and myself. One of those albums was Wild Style, the soundtrack for the movie. In one of the joints, Raymond Zoro references Cypress Hill. Sen Dog lived on Cypress Ave [in South Gate, California], so we thought ‘Cypress Hill.’

Cypress, the common name of coniferous trees in the family Cupressaceae, can be traced back to the ancient Greek word kyparissos.

What are your thoughts on Cypress as a baby name?


P.S. “Devastating Vocal Excellence” is my new favorite band name.

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