Babies named for Aaron Burr

U.S. politician Aaron Burr (1756-1836)
Aaron Burr

Killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel in July of 1804 may have effectively ended Aaron Burr’s political career, but it didn’t dissuade American parents from continuing to name their baby boys “Aaron Burr.” (Which sounds best when said with a mouth full of peanut butter, of course.)

Of the dozens of Burr namesakes I spotted in the records, a handful were born as early as the 1790s, while Burr was representing the state of New York in the U.S. Senate. But most came along in the 1800s, either while Burr was serving as U.S. Vice President (1801-1805) under Thomas Jefferson or in the years that followed.

Some examples:

Incidentally, I didn’t spot any namesakes from 1804 specifically…

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