Baby born to Governor of South Australia, named Adelaide

Annabel Mary Adelaide Norrie, youngest child of Gov. Willoughby Norrie, in late 1946
Annabel Mary Adelaide Norrie

In mid-1944, Willoughby Norrie — who’d served as an officer in the British Army for more than three decades, and fought in both World Wars — was appointed Governor of South Australia. (Australia was a self-governing dominion of the British Empire at that time.)

Later the same year, he relocated his family and staff to the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

In December of 1945, Norrie and his second wife, Patricia, welcomed a baby girl.

Her name?

Annabel Mary Adelaide — third given name in honor of the city of Adelaide (which was also her birthplace, of course).

The city had been named in 1836 after Queen Adelaide, the German-born wife of King William IV.

(Norrie also had five older children: Diana, Rosemary, George, Guy, and Sarah.)


Image: Adapted from Annabel Norrie (State Library of South Australia)

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  1. People in name groups love the name Adelaide. I feel the opposite. But Annabel is one of my favorite names, and I like his other children’s names, except Guy.

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