Where did the baby name Stryker come from in 1990?

Title of the TV series "B. L. Stryker" (1989-1990)
B. L. Stryker

The name Stryker debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 1990:

  • 1992: unlisted
  • 1991: 6 baby boys named Stryker
  • 1990: 7 baby boys named Stryker [debut]
  • 1989: unlisted
  • 1988: unlisted


Because of the the short-lived TV series B. L. Stryker, which aired from early 1989 until May of 1990.

The detective drama starred actor Burt Reynolds as Buddy Lee “B. L.” Stryker, a former New Orleans policeman who moves to Palm Beach, Florida, “where he runs a disreputable private detective business and lives on a houseboat with two parrots.” (The birds are named Gilbert and Roland.)

The series consisted of 12 two-hour episodes that aired as ABC Mystery Movies every few weeks, alternating with episodes of similar shows, including Columbo and Kojak.

The name dropped out of the data in 1992, but re-emerged a few years later, thanks to the Mortal Kombat 3 character Kurtis Stryker.

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