Baby born to Charm City mayor, named Charm

Brandon Scott, mayor of Baltimore
Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott, the mayor of Baltimore, met his partner Hana Pugh at the Charm City Live music festival in September of 2022.

(“Charm City” is one of Baltimore’s nicknames. It was coined in the mid-1970s by advertising executives who wanted to give the city’s reputation a boost.)

In July of 2023, Brandon announced via social media that he and Hana were expecting a baby. He even hinted at the baby’s name:

#Baltimore Baby Charm is on the way and will be arriving Winter 2024! Will Charm be a boy or girl?

The couple got engaged on Christmas. Their baby boy arrived the very next day.

His name? Charm Jamie Scott, as promised.

Do you think baby Charm’s arrival will influence the usage of the baby name Charm in Maryland in 2024?


Image: Adapted from Brandon Scott Oct23 by Maryland AG under CC BY 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Baby born to Charm City mayor, named Charm

  1. I live in Baltimore and I was delighted that the baby is named Charm Jamie. I love both names. Charm* is a bit of a guilty pleasure — I don’t generally go for those noun-names if they’re not also plants or otherwise nature-y — but I think it’s very cute. I like our mayor.

    *my internet handle for most accounts is sharkycharming, also named after living in Charm City

  2. I think Charm would be great as a middle name, or as a nickname, but not as a first name, especially for a boy. Now, if he’s named his dog or cat Charm I’d think that was really cute and totally appropriate, but not a future adult human who deserves a non-cutesy name option.

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