Baby Name Timeline: 1910s

The baby names below saw sudden changes in usage during the 1910s thanks to the influence of historical events. I’ve written explanatory blog posts about some of them — please click the links to learn more!

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1919 News: Belvin, Nellora

1919 Movie character: Nedda

1919 Movie: Itasca

1919 Literary characters: Viviette, Tharon

1919 Brand: Mazola


1918 War: Victor, Victory, Liberty, Pershing, Foch, Marne, Allenby, Tasker, Armistice, Peace, Freedom, Wilson

1918 Politics: Quentin, Hobby

1918 Movie characters: Laurella, Philippa

1918 Actor: Allyn

1918 Song: Alsace, Lorraine

1918 Literary character: Theophila


1917 News: Neysa

1917 Politics: Jeannette, Mcadoo, Westmoreland

1917 Movie characters: Chonita, Patria

1917 Actor: Seena

1917 Literary character: Tessibel

1917 Product: Laurece


1916 War: Verdun, Funston, Tatsuo

1916 Politics: Woodrow, Hughes

1916 Immigration: Cono

1916 Movie characters: Nokomis, Ysobel, Fortune

1916 Theater character: Wetona

1916 Actor: Ormi

1916 Literary character: Ortrude, Trudis

1916 Products: Adora, Anola

1916 Brand: Milady



1915 War: Trieste, Gorizia

1915 Movie characters: Zudora, Elaine, Billee, Pauline, Alois

1915 Actors: Signe, Theda

1915 Literary characters: Stelmo, Athalie

1915 Sports: Jess, Willard

1915 Product: Jeanice



1914 News: Benedict, Torao

1914 War: Joffre

1914 Politics: Carranza, Balfour, Underwood

1914 Movie characters: Kathlyn, Carmina, Nello, Saxon

1914 Literary character: Pollyanna



1913 News: Vilas

1913 Politics: Colquitt

1913 Movie characters: Kathlyn

1913 Writer: Maravene



1912 News: Roald, Bertil

1912 Politics: Woodrow, Wilson, Debs

1912 Movie character: Undine

1912 Movie: Derna

1912 Actor: Francelia

1912 Literary character: Truxton

1912 Sports: Percy, Harvard


1911 News: Fola, Atwood

1911 Politics: Blease, Vardaman, Atlee

1911 Literary characters: Thurley, Yetive



1910 News: Leneve, Halley

1910 Politics: Bilbo

More Names

Other historically significant baby names bestowed in the U.S. during the 1910s include Butterine, Carpathia, Ida Lewis, Nazimova, Oleomargarine, Robert La Follette, Sissieretta, and Titanic.