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Popular baby names in Gibraltar, 2021


Gibraltar — the small British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula — shares a border with only Spain.

In 2021, Gibraltar welcomed 417 babies: 197 baby girls and 220 baby boys.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Sophia/Sofia and Kai.

Here are Gibraltar’s top 5+ girl names and top 5+ boy names of 2021:

Girl Names

  1. Sophia, 5 baby girls (plus two more named Sofia)
  2. Ava, 5 (plus one more named Ava-Winter)
  3. Chloe, 5 (plus one more named Khloe)
  4. Isabella, 5
  5. Maya, 5
  6. Olivia, 4
  7. Anna, 3 (plus one more named Ana)
  8. Hannah, 3 (plus one more named Hanna)

Boy Names

  1. Kai, 6 baby boys (plus one more named Kai-Sean)
  2. Max, 5 (plus one more named Maximilian)
  3. Daniel, 4 (6-way tie)
  4. Hugo, 4 (6-way tie)
  5. Jack, 4 (6-way tie)
  6. Lucas, 4 (6-way tie)
  7. Noah, 4 (6-way tie)
  8. Oliver, 4 (6-way tie)

And here are a few of the unique baby names bestowed just once in Gibraltar in 2021:

  • Arlo, Haroun, Kostas, Layden, Niv (boy names)
  • Bonina, Lujain, Magny, Migle, Mystra (girl names)

In 2020, the top names in Gibraltar were Ana and Thomas.

Source: Kai and Sophia most popular baby names of 2021 on the Rock

Most common names in Cyprus: Maria, Andreas

The Statistical Service of Cyprus conducted a population census in late 2011. According to the data collected at that time, the most common female and male names in the Mediterranean island nation were Maria and Andreas.

The other common names are ranked below. (Several were transcribed differently by my two sources, so in those cases I included both spellings.)

Female Names

  1. Maria (39,883 females)
  2. Eleni (29,393 females)
  3. Androula/Androulla
  4. Georgia
  5. Panagiota/Panayiota
  6. Anna
  7. Christina

Male Names

  1. Andreas (36,682 males)
  2. Giorgos/Yiorgos (26,284 males)
  3. Costas/Kostas
  4. Christos
  5. Nicholas/Nikolas
  6. Michalis
  7. Panagiotis/Panayiotis

Some of the rarer names that appeared on the census just 10 times each included the female names Chrysalia, Dalia, Felicia, Isidora, Loreta and Mariliza; and the male names Memnon, Merkouris, Morfakis and Rodotheos.

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