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Baby name story: Emirates

On July 6, a Syrian couple living in the United Arab Emirates welcomed their first baby.

They named the baby girl “Emirates” after their adopted home.

The father, Morad Al Arabi, said:

We have been living here for more than 18 years, and we really love the UAE. I love everything about this country in terms of the quality of life and the relationships we have made here. We have been living here happily, and this is our way to honour the country.

He also noted that family and friends were surprised by the name, but “they all have said that they appreciate that her name is very special.”

Nonetheless, the name has aroused suspicion online:

What do you think: Is this expat couple using their baby’s name to help them gain UAE citizenship? And, if yes, are they “shameless” for doing so?

Sources: Arab couple names their baby girl ‘Emirates’, Expat couple names baby after UAE