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Ontario siblings named after Maple Leafs players

Toronto Maple Leafs logo

Misty and Dave Amey of Kingston, Ontario, have five children — all of whom were named (in part) after Toronto Maple Leafs players.

Here are the five siblings, from oldest to youngest:

  1. Justice Tucker Jade (girl) — “Tucker” after right wing Darcy Tucker
  2. Angel McCabe Fay (girl) — “McCabe” after defenseman Bryan McCabe
  3. Domi Austin John Paul (boy) — “Domi” after right wing (and enforcer) Tahir “Tie” Domi
  4. Colton Orr Dave (boy) — both “Colton” and “Orr” after right wing (and enforcer) Colton Orr
  5. Kadri Lee (girl, born in October of 2016) — “Kadri” after center Nazem Kadri

Dad was the one who came up with the hockey-inspired names. He noted: “Those guys, they don’t get all the recognition but they do the grittiest, the grindiest work out on the ice, night in and night out.”


Image: Adapted from 2016 NHL All-Star Game by Brandon Zeman under CC BY-SA 2.0.