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Server names on restaurant tables: Yea or nay?

After Utah, my husband and I stayed in Vegas for a few nights, and twice we went to a particularly good Thai restaurant. Each time, the server did something I’d never seen before:


She put her name on our table.

The first night our server was Grace. She had a heavy accent, so I assumed she put post-its with “Grace” on her tables simply to help communicate with patrons.

But then it happened again the second night with a server who had no accent at all, though she did have a very uncommon name: “Paow.”

Initially I thought the post-its were a clever idea. The restaurant was noisy, so it was nice to see Grace’s name written out, in case we needed it. And I figured the written-out names probably also helped with tips.

But on the second night, I started to question the practice. There were plenty of staff members around, so we never needed to ask for either Grace or Paow specifically. And, once I got over the novelty of it, I had to admit that the whole “post-it note on the table” look wasn’t exactly a classy one.

What’s your opinion on having server names on restaurant tables? Does it depend upon the type of restaurant?