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Popularity of the baby name Peng

Posts that mention the name Peng

WWII baby named “Tiger of the Sea”

In early 1945, a U.S. Navy ship transporting civilians and casualties from the China Burma India Theater arrived in San Pedro, California.

One of the passengers was a 24-day-old Chinese baby, born prematurely aboard the ship “while the ship’s gun crews were fighting off a Japanese aerial attack.”

The baby’s father, Yu Shih-Peng, said “[w]e named our daughter Yu Hai-Hu because it means Tiger of the Sea.” (Hai is “sea” and Hu is “tiger.”)

Believe it or not, this is the second baby-born-on-ship-under-enemy-fire story I’ve posted. The first was the Jesse Roper story.

Source: “Baby Born at Sea During Aerial Raid.” Norwalk Hour 8 Jan. 1945: 2.