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Posts that mention the name Positron

Subatomic particle siblings: Proton, Neutron, Electron…

Did you know that there’s an doctor named Electron Kebebew working at the National Cancer Institute?

And that Electron has older siblings named Positron, Neutron, Deutron and Proton?

(Deutron’s name is based on deuteron, which is the nucleus of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen.)

Electron and his siblings were born in Ethiopia to a father who was an electrical engineer.

I’m not sure what Proton and Neutron are up to these days, but it looks like Positron is also a doctor, and Deutron (who earned an electrical engineering degree) works with foster children.

“When you have a name like Electron, people notice you, and they have expectations of you,” he says. “But by and large, as I think back on my life, my name has been a positive influence.”

A positive influence, despite the negative charge! Ah, science humor. :)

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